Submitted Panels by RC 34
(July 19 - July 24 2014, Montréal)

After 20 Years: The Quality of South African Democracy.
Discussants: Prof. Louwrens Pretorius

Challenges of the Research on Executive-Legislative Balance of Power
Chair: Prof. José Álvaro Moisés
Co-Chair: Prof. Marianne Kneuer
Discussants: Prof. Daniela Piana

Social Media and their Influence on the Quality of Democracy
(Joint Panel RC 34 and RC 22)
Chair: Prof. Marianne Kneuer
Co-Chair: Prof. Oscar Luengo
Discussant: Dr. Javier G. Marín
Call for papers

Constitutional Democracy: One or Many

Deliberative democracy and social inequalities: from ideal to practice
Chair: Dr. Didier Caluwaerts
Discussants: Dr. Silvia Erzeel

Democracy, Constitution-making and Uncertainty
Chair: Dr. Cristine de Clercy
Co-Chair: Dr. Peter Ferguson
Discussants: Dr. Louis Imbeau

Measuring Quality of Democracy in Comparative Politics
Convenors: Anja Mihr, Claudia Wiesner
Chair: Prof. Anja Mihr, Utrecht University
Co-Chair: Dr. Claudia Wiesner, Marburg University
Discussant: NN

Perspectives on the quality of democracy in Latin America
Chair: Dr. Irma Mendez de Hoyos
Co-Chair: Dr. Felipe Carlos Betancour
Discussants: Dr. Jesus Tovar

Quality of democracy and the contribution of ‘New Parties'
Convenors: Hans-Joachim Lauth, Silvana Krause
Chair: Prof. Hans-Joachim Lauth
Co-Chair: Prof. Dr. Silvana Krause
Discussant: N.N.

Quality of Democracy in Eastern Europe and Latin America in Comparative Perspective
Chair: Dr. Anna M. Sroka
Discussants: Prof. Leonardo Morlino
Call for Papers

The Arquitecture of Diversity: Institutional Innovation and Conflict Management in Latin America
Chair: Dr. Jorge Gordin
Co-Chair: Mr. Fernando Rosenblatt

Who governs? Is there a crisis of mature democracies?
Chair: Prof. Aurel Croissant
Co-Chair: Prof .Wolfgang Merkel
Discussants: Prof. Wolfgang Merkel

Who is the postnational citizen in times of crisis?
Chair: Dr. Isabel Carvalhais
Co-Chair: Prof. Isabel Camisão
Call for Papers

Deadline to submit abstract/paper proposals:
October 7, 2013

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