The edited volume “Calidad de la Democracia en América Latina. Una nueva mirada”, edited by Gloria de la Fuente, Marianne Kneuer and Leonardo Morlino, was published in 2020 by Chilean publishing house Fondo de Cultura Económica, on the basis of the international conference “Quality of Democracy: New Research Agenda” that RC34 organized in Santiago de Chile in September 2016. For more information about the book, see:


A Special Issue of Medijske studije (Media Studies), Vol. 7, Issue 14 (2016) on “Communication, Democracy, and Digital Technology”, edited by Domagoj Bebić, Marijana Gbreša, Darren Lilleker, Norbert Kersting, Marianne Kneuer and Oscar Luengo, came out on the basis of the conference 2015 in Rovinj, Croatia that was co-organized by RC34. Medijske studije is an open access journal and the special issue can be downloaded from their website:


A Special Issue of International Political Science Review, Vol. 35, Issue 5 (November 2016) on “Measuring the Quality of Democracy”, edited by Brigitte Geissel, Marianne Kneuer and Hans-Joachim Lauth, contains contributions from the RC34 workshop “Measuring Democracy”, held from 29 September to 1 October 2013 in Frankfurt, Germany. For table of contents and download (via your IPSA account or institutional library), see: