One topic in our business meeting in Madrid was the technical implementation of a more attractive and functional website that serves the needs of a scientific network. Now, we are happy to present you an update of our RC34 website which from now on can be used as a tool of networking and collaborating.

After relaunching the website, it now consists of some more information concerning the RC34 network. You can find a list of those members that wish to publish fields of research as well as contact information in order to foster networking. Moreover, we aim to using the “RC34 network” for sharing information about projects, publications and conferences on the topic of “quality of democracy”. Please let us know, if you want to make any proposals. You can therefore contact Aileen Bolling (research assistant of Marianne Kneuer), who will technically integrate it on the RC34 website. (

In order to strengthen the visibility of our activities here you can find the minutes of our business meeting. Inter alia, it informs about the new personnel composition within the RC34 committee. In our business meeting on IPSA 2012 José Alvares Moises was elected on the position of Chair, Marianne Kneuer on the position of the Vice-Chair (for more information see contact). Daniela Piana was elected on the position of Secretary. After the election the Executive Committee now consists of:

  • Dr. Anna M. Sroka: University of Warsaw Poland
  • Dr. Claudia Wiesner: Jyvaeskylae University (Finland) and Marburg University (Germany)
  • Dr. Rune Holmgaard: Institute of Government and Politics & Andersen University of Tartu (Estonia)
  • Dr. Christiane de Paula: Fundacão Getulio Vargas FGV Brazil
  • Prof. Dr Jean Michel de Waele: Université Libre de Bruxelles
  • Dr. Ramona Coman: Université Libre de Bruxelles

Looking forward to further productive cooperation!